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Marketing online is essential for any business nowadays. However, with so much competition in the local area, you might be wondering how best to make use of the online tools at your disposal. Well, that’s something that our web design company can help you with. We specialize in web page design. The right web page, one that’s well designed, easy to navigate and a good reflection of your business as a whole, is an important part of taking advantage of all that online advertisement has to offer. It’s the best way to really make sure that your business gets seen.

Website Design in Word Press

No matter the business that you run, there’s real value that comes from having a carefully designed website. Your website is the means through which many people will, or can, discover your business. So, it really is something that you should use to your advantage to really grow your business. If you run a business in Santa Rosa, California, then we provide you with the perfect way to create that killer website. Our web page design services provide you with an experienced digital team that knows how design a website that’s perfect for promoting your business and really attracting attention in a crowded marketplace.

Websites Built with SEO in mind

It’s impossible to do business without a website these days. But, you need more than a basic and plain website if you really want to stand out. Market your business online properly, and create a website that’s a true reflection of your business, with a little help from the real experts. We can design a website for your business that really stands out, which is the very best way to really get your business out there and help it to grow. So, don’t get left behind. Make sure that you get the most of your business’s website.

We build more than websites, we build your brand

Your website is often the first time potential customers will have an encounter with your business. So, making the best impression is important. People will very quickly decide whether or not it’s your business that’s suitable for them. Our web design service can help you design a website that helps to really project just the right professional image, helping to attract attention in a crowded marketplace. We can help make sure that your website is true reflection of what your business is about.

Websites built with the end user in mind

​Your website really does need to reflect the fact that we now live in world of instant information. What does this mean in regards to your small business website? Well, it means that all important and relevant information needs to be easily locatable, otherwise anyone looking for information will find the site of another business where they can quickly find what they are looking for, and you’ve lost a potential client or customer. Our web design team can help you to create a website that’s simple and easy to navigate, so anyone using your site can find what they need instantly.

Web Site Pricing

​We always strive to bring our clients the best websites we can at the best prices. We have been providing Santa Rosa web design services since 2005 and have built a solid reputation for quality, affordability and customer service. Our business has grown by attracting and retaining customers with helpful, responsive service and support. All of our web designs are responsive and mobile friendly, so they look great on any device, from mobile phones to widescreen TVs. Also, all web designs are optimized for very fast load times, so visitors can see the content of the page with a great experience. Whether you need a WordPress site, an e-commerce site, or a complete, high-performance custom website, we provide a solution that fits your needs and budget.

Website Management
Weekly Plugin Updates, Backups, Security Scans, Upkeep and more.

All websites require maintenance from time to time. WordPress is updated regularly several times a month for both security and feature upgrades. It’s important to keep your website up-to-date to protect your website from hackers and compatibility issues. You may also need to add or change content for a variety of reasons. We will help you. From simple updates to new content, products and pages, we can help you keep your site performing at its best.

  • Weekly WP Updates
  • 8×5 M-F Support
  • 24X7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Virus prevention and Removal
  • Cloud Backups (1x Daily)
  • Hosting


$250 per acct / all features included with all SEO packages.
Web Design Pricing

We concentrate on WordPress web site design along with user experience, topic and plugin improvement. WordPress is the most widely utilized internet website platform available. It gives a big range of internet site features and plugins, many of which are free. WordPress layout is an low-priced choice permitting terrific aesthetics and features with a shorter improvement cycle while presenting stable performance. Looking for a WordPress website? Then you`re on the proper place, discover more by scheduling a call on my calendar below or simply order using the link below.

10 Page Word press website
  • Fully Optimized Landing page including click to call & form integration
  • 10,000 words of quality SEO keyword researched content done for you
  • Home, About us, Contact us, service, + 6 service specific pages
  • On site technical SEO included: Metatagging, H1,2 &3 tags, ALT tagging etc.
All 10 page websites average $1500 +150 per additional page.
20 Page Word press Website
  • Fully Optimized Landing page including click to call & form integration
  • 20,000 words of quality SEO keyword researched content done for you
  • Home, About us, Contact us, service, + 12 service specific pages
  • Mobile rendering friendly across all devices
  • On site technical SEO included: Metataging, H1,2 &3 tags, ALT tagging etc.
  • Social media Integration
  • G-suite Integration, Google business
  • profile, google maps, testimonials etc.

  • Blog integration and management with SEO
  • 2 Premium advanced plugins included for Local SEO
  • First month of Search engine Optimization (SEO) Included
All 20 page websites average $3000 +150 per additional page.
E-Commerce Word press website + Woo Commerce

Add WooCommerce to any WordPress web website and have your store online in minutes. Get stable payments, configurable shipping options, and more, right out of the box – for free. From subscriptions to the gym to car rentals, WooCommerce is highly customizable, featuring hundreds of extensions from the WooCommerce Marketplace. Manage your business on the road from your WooCommerce Mobile App. Create products, manage orders, and keep watch on key stats in real-time. WooCommerce is developer friendly, too. Built with a REST API, WooCommerce is scalable and seamlessly integrates with virtually any service.

  • Built On Elementor
  • SEO Optimized
  • Onpage SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Pass Google Core Vitals
  • Location Pages
  • Google Entity Stack
  • Cloud Stacks
  • Niche Backlinks
  • Tier 1 Citations
  • Data Aggregators
  • IFTTT Network
  • YouTube Stack


All e-commerce websites start at $1500.00 + $150.00 per additional page & $6.00 for each additional product.
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