Social Media Marketing


Creating and launching a new website is just the beginning of creating an online presence for most businesses.  At 5 Dog Digital Marketing Agency, we can help your business take the next steps in putting the investment in a website to use.  Our Social media marketing management experts use several forms of analysis to see what can be improved to expand the customer experience.  Taking that data, we develop an SEO strategy to implement these improvements.  Our agency provides the necessary content to drive up consumer interest.   We then use social media marketing to great effect in helping  build a customer community for your company so you can scale your business to the next level.


There are a number of components that go into creating a great new website, which is why our clients trust us to take care of the online component of their business.  Using platforms like Google analytics among others we are able to track how clients on the world’s largest search engines are interacting with a site.  We use the latest advances in keyword research, big data aggregation and artificial intelligence to see how selected SEO keywords are performing for a client’s site.  This allows us to complete a market analysis of how a business may be performing against others in its industry.  Using these data analyses gives us the clearest possible  picture of how a current site is performing against expectations.

SEO Strategy

When we gain the data necessary to form a full picture of a how a website is performing, that’s where our expertise comes into play.  Staying on top of the competition when it comes to websites is an ongoing process that needs to constantly moderated.  To keep our clients in the top spot, we look to see if there are new keywords we can target for SEO, as well as create a plan of action to devise quality, shareable content.  We target free services like Google My Business (GMB) as well as paid ones such as Google advertising.  Social media marketing, both paid and organic, has been another proven way to boost media marketing.

Content Creation

As a company that provides media marketing and management we are experts in the type of content businesses need to reach the broadest customer base.  Our web design services include the necessary copy writing and blog articles that keep potential clients invested in a webpage.  We make sure the content we provide is on brand, using the SEO keywords that help keep a page current.  The content we provide is engaging and shareable, which helps create backlinks to a website.  Whether the content is directly for a website or for the organization’s social media, we provide the multimedia features needed from images to video that keeps customers engaged.

Lead Generation
Through Social Media Marketing

The concept of an online presence is constantly changing, and sometimes businesses find that a website alone is not enough.  Our SEO media management services also help businesses with their social media marketing – an area that has vast potential when it comes to digital marketing.  We know how to advertise on Facebook, Instagram, and many other  platforms, that dramatically drive up user interactions with a business.  We help brands create photos and videos that are visually captivating as well as on brand for the business.  Our experts can also advise or assist with community management using custom CRM software that helps a brand better connect with its potential customers in real time via an app.
So when you’re ready to be the name in your business space for your area, we can make that happen. ​We put an end your constant client acquisition headaches so you can focus on your clients needs,  instead of struggling with marketing worries. We’ll focus on fueling your business with a steady pipeline of highly vetted, NEW and EXCLUSIVE potential customers who are actively searching for  your services.

As our client, we not only plug you into a cutting edge proven system that identifies and distills your prospects down to only those who are in the early stages of the buying or selling  process. We also begin strategically targeting them with ads offering your services. It’s not only a fast simple way to find clients and put them in touch with you In nearly real time, but its also the best way to position yourself as  the first contact they have in the process.


– Acquire you EXCLUSIVE prospects each month, with GUARANTEED target benchmarks
– Work with you regularly to maximize the response rates of your prospects.
– Track and Analyze your results, refine our tactics, and continue to increase the number, and quality of your prospects, every month based on your feedback

Unlike most big agencies who will remain nameless here, who toss you and 10 other businesses the same un-vetted “leads”and lets you fend for you yourself, we’re here 100% of the way to help you get the most out of our system. We work by your side as your marketing muscle from prospecting to closing the deal, doing everything on our power to ensure you to succeed at growing your business, because when you win, we win!

We accomplish these kind of solid results every day for our customers by using a revolutionary software system that combines Big Data aggregation, Artificial Intelligence, and proven sales funnels to analyze search history patterns and keyword usage. This allows us to maximize ROI by targeting only those prospects looking to take action today. We then deliver these fired up prospects to a custom CRM (customer response management) app that gives you exclusive real time access to  clients who are looking for your services, NOW!

So here’s the catch, We want business partners, not just customers. We will be working with you very closely to get feedback on your prospects so that we can fine tune  the system to fit the type of prospects you need. The AI system starts out smart, but with your feedback it  gets even better with time, (think Pandora, Amazon, Netflix etc). So when your ready to really fire up your results and 10X your bottom line, this is the package for you!

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