Promotional Product Printing

Even as an online business, your success relies on customers that exist in the real world.  Including promotional products in your marketing strategy appeals to clients, and is a great way to increase sales for your business.  We help create customized promotional products that aid a business with their non-digital marketing.  With a variety of merchandise available to clients, 5 dog digital can  help them find the ones that are most useful for their target market.  Our products have a wide array of uses that help build a brand.  These products not only look great, but help get potential customers and increase sales.

Promotional Products

Whether a business website is advertising goods or services, having promotional products can be a great way to increase visibility and name brand recognition.  Increasing the presence of your company can build customer familiarity and trust in the brand.  In addition, the wide array of products we offer heighten a client’s branding and offers something to customers that makes their business memorable.  Our clients love using our custom promotional products for trade shows and special events where they want to stand out.  We work with the business to create a custom product that is engaging for potential customers, and will make a notable impression.

Types of Products

In creating promotional products, we are here to make sure items distributed to current and potential clients are on brand and going to help grow the business.  Whether its magnets for a refrigeration repair company, or mugs for a craft coffee grower, we help select and the design the products that make the most sense and create the most memorable marketing.  Our offered products include, but aren’t limited to apparel such as hats and shirts as well as bags pens, stickers and calendars – and everything in between.  These products are fully customizable and are great merchandise to have on hand for both employees and clients alike.

Promotional Product Usage

Our promotional products are not only great as free gifts, but can be used in a number of ways as a unique marketing tool.  They’re great for events and trade shows, increasing brand recognition within your industry and helping a business stand out from its competitors.  These small gifts can be used in direct mail as well as incentives for both employee and customer enjoyment.  Promotional products are great for public relations, because everyone loves free gifts.  They even make great souvenirs for customers visiting a brick and mortar store or any place your business has a physical presence.

Benefits of Promotional Products

Whether our clients are creating a promotional products for sale, or offering free goods for public relations, there are numerous ways these types of products can help a business.  It’s been shown that promotional goods tend to be kept for a few months at a time, even being passed along -which is great for increasing brand recognition.  Promotional goods are basically a more exciting way of handing out a business card.  Giving away these free products also helps build customer loyalty, and can be given to employees to boost team morale.  Including a web address in the logo also helps build direct referrals to a business website.