Pay Per Click Advertising Services


With most businesses having a digital presence these days, sometimes it’s necessary to invest money in advertising to give yourself an extra edge.  With 5 Dog Digital Marketing Agency, we know how to help your business navigate the tricky world of pay per click or “PPC” advertising.  Using platforms such as google advertising, we optimize you business’s performance as a paid advertiser both on search engines as well as on social media platforms.  With our custom keyword research, our experts boost your business’s performance while our media management team makes sure PPC advertising campaigns are lucrative without unnecessary expenses.

Basics of PPC

Paid per click advertising is a system in which a business pays for clicks from a search engine or other online platform.  The general concept is that the more traffic a website gets, the more potential customers and sales the business will receive.  Though this seems to be a very straightforward exchange, using our digital marketing agency gets our clients the maximum benefits from this process.  We make sure a business is paying for the right keywords as well as directing customers to a good landing page.  This optimizes their customer experience, and allows our clients to get the most out of their PPC advertising.

Google Ads

With Google being the biggest search engine in the world, it’s no wonder that our clients want to optimize the use of this platform.  Google Advertising, is a great way to use PPC advertising campaigns to ramp up business.  Even though the ads are paid for, they are subjected to a kind of “auction” in order to determine which make it to the top of the site.  The auction is based on the client’s bid, in combination with their “quality score,” and SEO keywords.  With our marketing management services, we help clients find the balance between their bid amount and creating relevant content that brings their ads to the top.

Keyword Research

When working on a PPC advertising campaign, we make sure that all aspects of a website are optimized for the best search results.  One part of this process is constantly staying on top of the keywords we use to represent a business.  We compare our clients to their competition, to see which high and low competition keywords are right for increasing business.  Our team also helps clients develop ‘long tail keywords” that are popular search terms.  By creating an exhaustive and expansive list of the most relevant key words, we make sure all aspects of the search engine algorithms are catered to.

Advertising Campaign Management

There’s nothing worse than wasting money, so when a business is ready to invest in a PPC advertising campaign, we’re here to make sure they get the most from their investment.  We use SEO techniques to find keywords that ensure ads are seen by the target market.  While a broad range of keywords can be effective, we don’t want clients to pay for keywords that are too commonplace.  We flag negative keywords that don’t pull their weight financially thereby lowering costs.  Our web design team also ensures that potential customers clicking an ad are directed to the kind of quality landing page that Google prefers for highly ranked ads.

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