Digital Marketing Company Santa Rosa


Having a beautiful website design is only a small piece of what makes a business successful online.  Using digital marketing analytics, our Sonoma County internet marketing agency gets our customers the website traffic they’re really after.  Through this process, data is analyzed and turned into tangible ways to increase sales.  We assess website traffic and conversions, checking to see the amount of potential clients being directed to your website.   This includes where they’re coming from and shows how well local SEO is working to impact sales.  We also track user engagement to see if there are any ways we can create a better user experience through improved website development.

Need More Website Traffic?

Though traffic coming through a website can be indicative of performance, it’s sometimes thought of as a “vanity metric.” What that means, is though high traffic sounds appealing, it isn’t always reflective of a successful website if the traffic is’nt converting into sales calls.   With our management services, we evaluate the type of traffic coming into a website including how customers get there, what pages they visit and how long they interact with various pages.  This can be via typing the address in directly, from a search engine, or as a referral from other sites.  Using various  analytics tools, we process all of this information that helps us better understand business’s online presence.  We also evaluate the impact of SEO on your website ranking,  social media marketing as well as paid ads as part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

Better Conversions

One of the best ways to see if a website is performing well, is checking the conversion rate of visitors that are turned into customers.  A great deal goes into our web page design that helps increase these numbers.  We make sure our clients are publishing high quality content that keeps potential customers engaged in their product or service.  In addition, we want to make sure a business is displaying the kind of trustworthy branding that builds customer loyalty.  Our sites are informative as well as instructive, helping their customers understand how our client’s business provides the answers to their online queries.

User Engagement

Another hallmark of a successful website is the rate of user engagement.  Programs like Google Analytics and several others have important information and  statistics that help us better understand their customers.  Statistics such as the visitor click through rate, are a good indicator of SEO working properly as well as how ads are performing.  Nobody understands Santa Rosa SEO better. We want to make sure our clients are reaching their target audience, which is why we work to increase user engagement for their website.  Increased user interaction with a site, including time spent on various pages, often leads to an increased rate of conversions from potential clients to paying customers.

User Interface

It has been established that creating great user experiences is a hallmark of successful web page design.  Our web design company knows how to optimize sites to ensure clients are getting the best experience possible when they view a business.  Having a site that’s properly coded by our experts, means that performance speed is optimized, creating better loading times and faster browsing.  These features are two big contributors to user friendly sites that lead to potential customers spending more time on a site.  We make sure that everything from text to images and videos are loading quickly and efficiently, which makes a page more appealing to future patrons.