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As a highly experienced digital marketing agency, we would like to help out our friends and neighbors businesses who are struggling right now. We are therefore offering FREE OF CHARGE website auditing that will evaluate your Google ranking, as well as organic position across multiple search engines. Website development and Search engine optimization analysis with your seo consultant is fast and easy. Simply drop your websites URL and a good email address in the box above and we will email you back with a complimentary video overview of every component of your website to isolate any errors, broken links, missing meta tags etc that are holding you back from a good website ranking. From the web page design to the conversion rate and sales, we make sure your web page is reaching the right market to increase your business. Using our SEO techniques, we check if the keywords being used are returning the right search engine results. Assembling all of this data, we use these statistics to help you build a better business website.

Technical SEO audit

When a customer first finds a business online the first thing they do is browse the site to see what a business has to offer. One of the biggest deterrents for clients is a website that’s hard to navigate, slow to load, or prone to crashing due to broken links and other structural degradation. With our web design services, our experts make sure a site has the right coding to ensure guest satisfaction. Our sites are designed to make them easy to browse, as well as having quick loading times and easy navigation. Sites that are hard to browse are often passed over by potential clients out of frustration.

Off Site SEO Audit

To tangibly measure the success of a website, our website audit includes a full review of how the site affects the financial performance of a company. Creating a website is an investment in the future of a business, and we want to make sure our clients are using their sites to get the most out of that investment. Our highly trained digital marketers check the conversion rate of potential customers using the site, as well as carefully examining how paid advertising campaigns are affecting traffic, and ultimately sales. Comparing a site to its main competitors, we compile all the necessary information to create a plan to improve the necessary metrics.

SEO Audit
Are you using the right Keywords to draw in your target audience?

As owners of websites, our clients are well aware of the importance of search engine optimization or “SEO,” and how finding the right keywords greatly impacts the online presence of their business. During our audit, we take an in depth look at the keywords associated with a business and how they affect the site’s performance on search engine results pages. Our SEO marketing management advises clients on how to improve upon lacking areas, including providing quality, shareable content that keeps users engaged. This helps to create backlinks to the page, organically reaching a target market – the modern version of modern word of mouth advertising.

Data monitoring and Statistical reporting

As they say, numbers don’t lie, and that why our website auditing team makes sure we keep our clients up to date on all the metrics that show how their digital marketing is performing. Our experts conduct a thorough SEO audit that not only shows how a business’s selected keywords are performing, but also how they compare to their competitors. Our reports include data showing general site performance, such as those of Google analytics, as well as how user traffic is being directed to the site. We also evaluate how time is being spent on the site as a measure of how engaged potential clients are with a business.

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